Data Activation

Intelligence that makes an impact

Build your business on data-driven insight

From targeted marketing to predictive analytics, the best decisions are driven by data. Yet it can be a challenge to integrate data sources, analyse data and scale resources in a way that delivers the intelligence you need.

With Appsbroker | CTS, you're in control of data across Google Cloud solutions. We offer unmatched security, scalability and integration, seamlessly connecting data with insight engines. The results are improved ROI and valuable, actionable insight from you data.

“Ultimately, we took our favourite teddy bear, replaced its stuffing with supercharged data and gave it back in one piece.  All the brilliant features were exactly the same but with a 1000 times more performance power, allowing the business to react to the market, look forward rather than backwards and make immediate changes across the board.”

Christopher Dean 

Head of Data, Business Intelligence & Analytics at City Plumbing Supplies Holding Limited



  • Fully managed cloud-based analytics
  • Robust security 
  • Complex data workflow management
  • Cloud-native solution


  • Insights that drive revenue and strategy
  • Streamlined data processes
  • Enhanced data security
  • Infrastructure that grows with your needs

“Having assessed multiple GCP partners, Appsbroker | CTS stood out for VM migration. The well-walked process made the whole project easy to understand and communicate to all levels of the business. Appsbroker | CTS’s in-depth knowledge of GCP and experience completing migrations resulted in upskilling our team and completing the migration under budget and on time.”

Dara McGann 

SRE Manager, Hostelworld

“This project has delivered meaningful improvements to the GSK Google Cloud implementation.  Thanks to Appsbroker | CTS and Google, we now have a cloud platform that's easier and faster to use across the organisation.  Configuring and deploying against security domain and platform management best practice, sets us up to confidentially to solve future business challenges.”

Anand Jivan

Senior Director, Hosting Engineering and Delivery, GSK

“Cultural fit was really important to us. There was clear respect between both parties, and the teams gelled together as one… We believe you can only build a good solution if you have a great working relationship, and the Appsbroker | CTS team has been amazing on the project.”

James Birch

Development Director, Ki Insurance

“At Sky, we want our cloud systems to be secure, scalable, and future-proof. By working with Appsbroker | CTS, we revamped how we manage everything, with fewer manual errors thanks to smarter, automated solutions on Google Cloud that ultimately make us more efficient, reliable, and cost-effective as a business.”

Baghya lakshmi

Cyber Security Project Manager, Sky

““From day one, Appsbroker | CTS has correctly anticipated any shift in requirements and understood exactly what we need – whether that‘s improved security or providing the data/insight required to ensure we‘re maximising our use of Workspace. They provide a pragmatic approach to our requests and address any challenge with a positive, problem-solving attitude.” ”

Jay Patel

Director of IT and Security, Moonpig Group

““The onboarding that Appsbroker | CTS provided was second to none. We felt Appsbroker | CTS really understood what we needed from a managed service partner, incorporating our current ways of working and where we needed to take the business moving forward.””

Brett Jackson

Head of Client Services, Travis Perkins


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